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Ackers Pit is a small, club-owned fishery in located in Stockton Heath, approx 2 miles south of Warrington. This area is a popular local beauty spot and offers accessible fishing for our members


The lake has been stocked with roach, perch, bream, rudd, crucian carp, tench, and mirror carp. Fishing is from comfortable pegs, and only a short cast is needed to catch fish in the shallow water. 

A regular 'little and often' feeding approach works best, with the usual baits (maggot, sweetcorn, bread) working well to catch decent roach, rudd, crucians, tench and carp.

Local rules: 
No Ledgering,
No floating baits,

No boilies.
No Keepnets (except for official matches)
1 rod only.
Fishing from pegs provided only.


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